A few months ago, our artists got curious about what would have happened if Luke had turned to the Dark Side, either by killing his father as the Emperor had suggested, or by teaming up with his Father and overthrowing the Emperor as Vader had proposed during their duel in Cloud City. We came across the images below from the Dark Empire comic, when Luke briefly became the re-born Emperor’s apprentice, and we decided to re-imagine them. Since Luke never took a Sith name in the comic, we have nick-named this idea “Darth Zoon.” “Zoon” means “Son” in Dutch, just as “Vader” means “Father” in Dutch, with “Darth Vader” translating to “Dark Father,” thus “Darth Zoon” would mean “Dark Son,” a fitting title for Evil Luke.

Below is our first version; an evil version of Luke fully consumed by the Dark Side and leading a fleet of Star Destroyers as the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet, which is the Imperial title he held in the comic. We decided to pay homage to the source material by using a quote from Dark Empire. In the comic, Luke tells the re-born Emperor “my father’s destiny is my own.”
a1d62ce6-fb15-4fd5-8a23-549f1b348eb5_zps3gsogktm Darth Luke with Background V4

For our second version we decided to draw on Sith ideas a little more heavily. Inspired by the Fall of Korriban in The Old Republic, during which Darth Maglus slays his master, Vindican, just as they return to re-conquer the ancient Sith homeworld. In his final step to becoming the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith, Malgus sarcastically salutes his master with a brief “welcome home” before decapitating him.

Darth Malgus beheads his master “Welcome Home”

We decided to draw on this idea by depicting Luke about to perform the same act. Turning to the Dark Side, Luke has defeated Vader in their famous duel aboard the Death Star II, and is about to decapitate his father, ready to take his place as Darth Sidious’ right hand.

a9e78011-c83a-4828-b399-ffdb0c257e51_zpszbldyp1f  11391148_1588528391419595_3561588730828567230_n

Our third version of Darth Zoon, or Dark Side Luke, not yet published on any of our social media accounts, is inspired by the Sith fascination with relics. In the first draft of this version, an aged Luke is seen wearing a battered and faded Jedi robe, similar to the one his deceased mentor Obi-wan wore.

Old Luke - Evil_zpsabpvi4cw

In the second draft, we decided to include both a beard and another relic; the trinket Anakin gave to Padme in The Phantom Menace.

Old Luke - Evil 2_zpseteotloc Old Luke Evil - 2

Anakin carved this trinket, called a “japor snippet,” for Padme, and gave it to her “to remember him by” during their flight from Tatooine to Corscant.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 9.58.05 PM
Anakin gives Padme the “japor snippet” trinket

This trinket was a token of the love shared by Luke’s parents. Padme died giving birth to Luke, and if Luke ever found this out, we speculate that the guilt associated with her death, and particularly his birth being the only documented cause of her death, could have been a source of the anger that drove him to the Dark Side, just as it was with Anakin.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 9.57.43 PM
Padme holds the “japor snippet” trinket Anakin gave her as she is buried

We see in Revenge of the Sith that Padme was buried with the trinket, so depicting Luke with it woven into his beard is meant to imply that the Dark Side’s warping effects on his mind drove him to great lengths to retrieve it…

Our final version, of which we have created four drafts, is meant to draw on all the ideas above. The first draft of this fourth version shows a corrupted Luke honoring the Sith tradition of venerating relics by wearing his father’s gloves, cape, and armor.

Darth Luke V5-3_zps3rh37gin Darth Luke

Our second draft of this version includes the famous quote from Return of the Jedi; “like my father before me.” Luke meant the phrase to mean that he followed in his fallen father’s footsteps by becoming a Jedi Knight, but here we see it re-employed to convey that Luke has taken his father’s place as the Emperor’s Right Hand and Sith Apprentice.

Darth Luke V5-2 WITH TEXT Darth Luke V5-2 WITH TEXT Tinted

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed our work! Have any suggestions or request? Send us an email at thenerdvault@aol.com or message us on Facebook! As always, we appreciate your support, so please keep an eye out for more commentary, art and media from our team!

– Nerd Vault