Could the famous clone commander CT-7567, better known as Captain Rex, have survived not only the Clone Wars, but also the Galactic Civil War, to fight for the Rebellion in the Battle of Endor? Is it possible that Rex never betrayed the Jedi as the rest of the clone army did? And could this famous clone officer actually have helped destroy the Death Star?

The Second Death Star is destroyed

We know from Star Wars Rebels that Rex definitely survived the Clone Wars and we even see that he and a bunch of his men were operating a salvaged AT-TE walker when they joined up with a Rebel Cell led by Rex’s old Jedi commander, Ashoka Tano, during the Galactic Civil War.

Captain Rex and his men
Captain Rex’s salvaged AT-TE walker
Ashoka Leads a Rebel Cell

We also know from the scar on the side of his head that Captain Rex had the brainwashing chip containing the programming for Order 66 removed from his brain, and we see in Rebels that unlike many of his brethren, Rex remained loyal to his Jedi commanders.

Captain Rex (right) and one of his men have the same scar from the chip-removal surgery

We also know that it was fairly common for deserters from the Imperial Army to defect to the Rebellion, and in Return of the Jedi, we see a member of the rebel raiding party that attacked Endor who looks very similar to the aged Captain Rex who we see in Rebels.

The rebel raiding party that attacked the shield generator on Endor, with the Rebel matching Rex’s profile in the front on the right

As a commander of the celebrated 501st Legion, Rex was sent on various missions during the Clone Wars that involved acquiring technology for the Death Star. This would have made him invaluable to the Rebellion’s efforts to destroy the super weapon.

Captain Rex and three of his men during the Clone Wars
Troops from the 501st search for a power crystal, eventually to be used to power the Death Stars super laser, on Mygeeto

The timeline of events is also very suspicious. Rex joined up with Ashoka’s rebel cell in 5 BBY, or five years before the Battle of Yavin when the Rebellion destroyed the First Death Star. This would have given the young rebel alliance enough time to analyze the data Rex could recall from his service in the Clone Wars, formulate an attack plan using additional stolen intel smuggled in R2D2, gather their strength, and launch their attack. Four years later, Rex’s tactical training and combat experience as an elite clone commander would then prove even more crucial in Rebellion’s surprise attack on the Second Death Star’s ground-based shield generator.

The Death Star II's planetary-based shield
The Death Star II’s planetary-based shield

But why? Why would Captain Rex knowingly and actively help destroy a government he was bred to defend?

Captain Rex fights for the Republic during the Clone Wars
Captain Rex fights for the Republic during the Clone Wars

With his brainwashing chip removed and the Empire’s influence on his mind gone, Rex would likely see the totalitarian regime as a menace, just as Padme Amedala and Bail Organa did. In fact we know this is true because, like them, he stayed loyal to the Jedi.

Padme Amidala and Bail Organa watch in horror as Palpatine delcares himself Galactic Emperor

Unlike the politicians though, Rex fought for Palpatine’s government on the battlefield, killing enemies and loosing friends.

Captain Rex holds a dying comrade
Captain Rex holds a dying comrade

Perhaps the only way he could reconcile that in his own mind was to help destroy the Empire’s greatest weapon.

Destruction of the Death Star II, as seen from Endor

So let’s review the facts; we know that Captain Rex survived the Clone Wars and remained loyal to the Jedi. We also know that as a commander of the 501st, he had unique knowledge of the Death Star’s technological secrets, and that he eventually joined up with a rebel cell just before the first Death Star was destroyed. And lastly, we know that a man matching Rex’s physical profile was part of the rebel raiding party that attacked the Second Death Star’s shield generator on Endor.

The later eras of the clone Commander’s life have never been officially documented, so it’s impossible to know for sure whether or not he eventually helped the Rebels destroy the Death Star, so I ask you; was the Battle of Endor really Captain Rex’s Final Fight?

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